Request a Review

I have a to read pile list stacked to the sun, and most of the books I get for review are from physical copy giveaways or through Netgalley, but I am willing on occasion to pick up a book submitted to me by the author/publisher. I do have a few things that I would like you to keep in mind when requesting me to read and review your book:
  • Please don't send me an email in which you have sent to a hundred or more other reviewers simultaneously. Almost always these are books that I would never read, and I know by skimming that you didn't bother to find out who I am as a reader.
  • Don't promise "gifts" in exchange for reviews.
I am looking in particular for horror novels, though of course I will accept a variety of other genres as well including science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, historical fiction, regency, biographies, memoirs, and so on.

In particular, I will not accept: contemporary romance, contemporary young adult, and detective fiction.