Monday, January 5, 2015

Nope to Bookmark Monday

Yep, today I'm saying, screw it to Bookmark Monday, because I have something far more exciting to show to you guys. Exciting for me, maybe not for you.

BUT. My Christmas present to myself arrived today!

Pretty sure it is a thing of beauty. I have been following this series since forever. I picked up Green Rider and the second book at the library when I was 11 or 12ish. I remember waiting eagerly for the third... until y'know, life happens and you forget about cool stuff. Judging by the publication date, I would have been a sophomore in high school, so there's defiinitely a gap there. 

In 2012 I believe, I re-read the series, and I was excited to see I had excellent taste. This one is first edition, first printing too. 

Hell yeah.