Friday, March 1, 2013

Stung by Bethany Wiggins

Stung by Bethany Wiggins
[Expected publication: April 2nd 2013 by Walker Childrens]

I really enjoyed the fact that we get to learn about what happened to the world along with the main character. Fiona doesn't remember anything about what happened to the world, and we don't know anything about it either. This way, instead of having the main character have paragraphs of exposition we get to learn about it in a natural way--watching Fiona's experiences and the short, simple explanations given by other characters.

I also like the tie-in to current events. With the population of bees decreasing this seems like a plausable future outcome. A lot of dystopians rely on the idea that its a different time period therefore anything is possible.

The romance is well written and nice, but nothing too special about it. The end was kind of boring and felt rather anti-climatic and kind of sudden. All I could think is "really? that's it?"

It's pretty good though. Recommended for fans of dystopians and post-apocalyptic YA.

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